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Granny Cottage – Uitzicht Security Estate

We recently completed this 90 sq.m Granny Cottage with a mezzanine second bedroom in an upmarket estate in Durbanville in 5 weeks from site establishment.

Another Turnkey project where Theo from TAG Design brilliantly illustrates the aesthetic compatibility of the combination of Light Steel Frame with conventional brick and mortar with the focal point being the spiral steel and wooden tread staircase sporting a rustic un-plastered brick shaft leading to the mezzanine bedroom.

Everything from the design to the finished product has inspired some potential NWS clients, subsequent to a site visit, on their upcoming projects and has given a new meaning to the description “Granny Cottage”.

Extensive Upmarket Renovation 12 Rontree, Camps Bay Cape Town

This Camps Bay property was purchased by a couple from Belgium who wanted to change the dated “80’s” look to something upmarket, modern and functional. To achieve this it required the innovative brilliance of the Thomas Geh Architectural team.

The construction scope of works were extensive with demolishing, re-modelling the structure inside and out, changing the whole façade, adding an extra storey, filling the old swimming pool and building two new pools – one on the ground storey and another on the first.

When it came to the furnishing and finishes it was the superb taste of the clients that added that touch of class necessary for a building of this stature.

House Joubert – Langebaan – Light Steel Frame House

This Project was built in Langebaan with exceptionally sandy ground conditions, hence we had to use a raft foundation. The concrete foundations were done using Geoplas flooring modules which consist of recycled plastic modules. This system raises the slab off of the ground and creates ventilation (space) which can be used for services. This method is very useful not only to reduce energy loss but also adds to the “green factor” in construction. This client is all about green living energy saving and interested in the speed of the construction method. With the design of the roof and insulated walls we achieved a 17 to 20 percent improvement in energy efficiency compared to conventional designs.

This project once again shows the ability of Light Steel Frame Housing.


House Hanekom – Solid Wall Light Steel Frame

This single story Residential House 296 m2 house has a high end internal finishing with solid walls. The client was interested in the concept of a “green” house, with the least amount of material waste.

They further agreed to use the Geoplast Flooring Module which consists of recycled plastic modules which raises the slab off the ground and creates a ventilation ‘space’, which can also be used for services.  This method is very useful in reducing energy loss, a concept of construction that supports New World Steel’s philosophy of alternative building.

The Light Steel Frame wall panel were installed onto the newly cast floor slab and after the panels were leveled the frames were fastened to the slab with chemical anchor bolts.  The Light steel Roof, designed to receive concrete roof tiles then followed.

The wall panels were then clad with 6 mm fibre cement board, both internally as well as externally.  During this operation the first fix electrical and plumbing work was completed.

Holes with a diameter of 50 mm are then drilled into the inside fibre cement board.  Both sides of the panels were then braced to allow the cavity to be pumped full of lightweight concrete with high density polystyrene balls.  This solid wall has an overall thickness of 110 mm and an R Value of 1.10.   The wall system has a fire rating of 2 hours.

The external face of the wall then received a glass fibre reinforcing mesh embedded into a base plaster layer, with a further 4 mm skimcrete finishing plaster.  The internal walls are fully skimmed with Skimstone.

The walls then get one primer coat and two coats of waterproof acrylic paint.

The client received the keys to the house after only 12 weeks.  They were happy with the outcome of the project and in particular the insulation of the house and the minimum impact the construction had on the surrounding environment.

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